Our mission statement

Modified on Mon, 23 Oct 2023 at 02:00 PM

To maximize your wealth with low risk to your capital

We deliver a service that allows you to keep your money safe but still stay invested in the market. Your Market Savings capital is always protected by the FDIC (through our partner banks, see Terms and Conditions),3 and all securities are protected by the SIPC, through our qualified custodian. Our portfolios are built by financial professionals to ensure optimal returns.

Your Market Trust deposit is also principally guaranteed.

Apply 100% money-back guarantees to financial services

During downturns in the market, advisors typically lose some of their customers’ money but still collect account fees.

We believe a financial advisor’s role should go beyond simply recommending investments and include taking responsibility for the outcomes of those investments. That change starts with us.

In most other industries, the customer gets repaid in full if they are unhappy through a warranty or money-back guarantee. Why should the financial industry be any different?

Never charge a Market Savings fee if we aren’t successful in delivering returns

We don’t charge a management fee if we don’t generate Market Savings returns for you, it's as simple as that. The fee structure for Market Trust is broken down in this FAQ.

Create a new business model to help your financial success

The financial advisory industry spends large amounts every year on advertising. We have built a different business model where your success is the key to our success. We believe that if we provide a great enough service, you will naturally tell your family and friends because you will want them to succeed as well. And we believe that our clients should be rewarded for spreading the word. Our referral program adds sizeable investment returns to your portfolio and directly contributes to your and your friend’s financial success.

Our mission is simple yet revolutionary.

For more detailed information about our fee rebate program, you can view our ADV Part 2 on our legal page.

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