How does the market-generated variable APY for Market+ actually work?

Modified on Fri, 21 Jun at 9:56 AM

market-linkedAfter you make a deposit, Save’s investment team works with our partners to fund investments in your selected portfolio which will accumulate a market-linked return or APY. Your market-linked returns could be higher or lower than expected depending on the performance of the portfolio, but they can never be lower than zero. In other words, your variable market-linked APY5 comes from the performance of those investments — and if they perform really well, your total variable APY will be greater than your guaranteed 4.20% annual return.

Regardless of how your market-linked variable APY5 performs, you're guaranteed a pre-determined APY5 from the guaranteed interest rate product. A Market+ program pays a 4.20% annual guaranteed return. This annual return equals 4.20% of your initial investment and is deposited into your investment account after the end of your investment program’s first, second, and third years. This cash payment can be withdrawn at any time. 

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