Why not invest in stocks myself instead of through Save accounts?

Modified on Mon, 8 Apr at 10:37 AM

It depends on your personal return goals and your risk tolerance. A $1,000 investment in stocks might achieve a return higher than the Market Savings program, but if the equity market declines, you may lose a substantial part of your principal. With the Market Savings program, your deposit is FDIC-insured,3 and your investments will utilize sophisticated investment approaches that allocate across several asset classes in seeking to provide stable returns over time, and dividends paid out by the ETFs in the portfolio are reinvested automatically.


Even if these investment strategies in your Client Account lose money, your deposit is not affected.  Your Market Savings deposit is placed with Webster Bank, N.A., Member FDIC, and is not encumbered, collateralized, or put at risk. Save does not utilize your deposit for anything else aside from placing it with Webster Bank, N.A., Member FDIC,  to ensure capital protection.3 Independently of your deposit, Save will make an investment on your behalf based on your portfolio allocation. Furthermore, as of February 2024, the expected APY of the Market Savings 1-year term is around 9.07% per year,* while the S&P 500 has achieved about 6.3% annualized return from the start of the century up to June 2022, including dividends.

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